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Respects to Big L

Lamont Coleman aka Big L, was a rapper born and raised in Harlem, New York, where he started his rapping career with Three the Hard Way. His first professional appearance came on Lord Finesse’s “Yes You May (Remix)”.  One evening I was listening to Lifestyles Ov Da Poor And Dangerous… I Don’t Understand It. I […]

Tribe NYC

You might have spotted us talkin’ on Twitter / Instagram about an upcoming collab with U.S  retro collective Tribe NYC… well we can finally exclusively reveal that their new video will be styled by E&E! We’re so hyped for this, these guys are keepin’ the 90’s alive over in America and are huge inspirations to […]

Risa of Vintage Doll Risa

One of our new favourite bloggers, Risa of Vintage Doll Risa, featured us in a post this week! We love how she styled our black fist tee with a 90’s grunge twist… and gave us a great review: “Educate Elevate just screams the 90s! Their models look like they’ve stepped out of TLC and Fresh […]

The ’92 Collection is Here!

It’s finally here! .. ’92 COLLECTION! This was an idea we had that came from some old hip-hop magazines we had stashed at home. Word up! Fresh & HHC magazine were some of our inspiration points, with Noo taking influence from the old school typography. We looked at 90’s slang to create our “Word!” and […]


We just wanna shout out one of our big inspirations, the beautiful Cheyenne Davide a.k.a Yeah it’s Shyy. We’d been a fan of her blog for years, way before E&E existed so she was one of the people we really wanted to see reppin’ our stuff. The support she’s shown us is unreal, and as our brand […]