Jam of The Week – Shanice

shanice i love your smile educate elevate

This is Bernadette back with your Jam of the Week and we are going to take it back to the year 1991.  (Shout out to all the 1991 babies). ’91 was the year we met the crew of Beverly Hills 90210, rode on our brand new pair of inline skates while Sonic was collecting rings on the Sega system and we also chilled at the movie theatres with a crazy man named Hannibal Lecter.  ’91 also was the year that Shanice made it big with the chart-topper I Love Your Smile.

 Since discovered on StarSearch at a young age Shanice was already a talented and established singer in the music game.  With hit songs like Bet She’s got a Boyfriend and Baby Can You Dance.  Yet, the early 90’s was a big couple of years for Shanice.  Not only was her slow jam Saving Forever for You featured on the soundtrack for the popular TV show Beverly Hills 90210, she also gained success with the I Love Your Smile.  The classic feel good song reached number 1 on the R&B Billboard Charts and number 2 on the Hot 100 and was featured on her album Inner Child.

shanice i love your smile educate elevate 90s The music video for I Love Your Smile while doesn’t rely on a lot of storytelling, symbolism or intricate special effects, it is memorable because of it’s simplicity and by the end of the video leaves people in a upbeat and positive mood.  In addition, it presents some great fashion moments.  Shanice’s style in the video was very wholesome and “girl next door” with blended colours and typical 90’s chick effortlessness.

So how can you get the look?  Start off by collecting some essential gear that still remain classic staples in the fashion world such as fitted jeans, a nice leather jacket, drop earrings and the always elegant little black dress topped with a nice necklace.  Then include some nostalgic 90’s inspired looks with the inclusion of a nice a colour block hoodie or an Educate Elevate t-shirt completed with a kente cloth vest and a pair of flats.

If you’re feeling inspired then check out our Jam of the Week – Shanice with I Love Your Smile and be sure to come back next week for another instalment of Retro Jam of the Week.

Until next time stay Educated and stay Elevated!


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