Throwback Thursday – Sister Sister

Jade here again and my obsession with 90s style is just growing and growing! I have been re watching old episodes of Sister Sister and it makes me want to get out my school scrunchies and re-live the 90s. Along with the other great sitcoms of the 90s, like Saved by the Bell, Full House and my personal favourite The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Will Smith is just the flyest!). Together with Educate Elevate, the repeats of these retro shows are bringing back 90s BIG TIME!


If you didn’t grow up in the nineties (and if you did and don’t know what I’m talking about, shame on you!). Sister Sister was an American sitcom about two identical twins, Tia and Tamera. However the premise of the show was that Tia & Tamera were separated at birth but have now (14 years later) meet again. If you want to find some nineties style inspiration or simply just to be nostalgic, I suggest you Netflix a couple of episodes! There are even some appearances from Kobe Bryant, Brittany Murphy and the Olsen twins.


Tia and Tamera channel the epitome of the 90s style, with a range of double denim, plaid and an array of hats! I put together a style set with the use of the amazing Educate Elevate Word tee. Some of the crop Fly Girl tops will look great under a pair of oversized dungarees or vintage denim cut offs!


Check out Educate Elevate streetwear to find your own 90s vibes!


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