CrazySexyCool… The 10 reasons we can’t wait to see the new TLC movie!

10 Reasons We Can’t Wait To See The Upcoming TLC Movie

by Yomi Adegoke

Its been 11 years since their fourth and final albums 2002 release and no matter how many Destiny’s Child, En Vouge or  various other R’n’ B supergroups hit the charts, none can touch the craziest, sexiest and coolest band there ever was; TLC. Though nobody is in mourning of low-rise demin flares (thanks Britney) or pink velour tracksuits (cheers J Lo), the early 2000’s saw the demise of arguably one of its best bands as well as one of its brightest stars, Left Eye. And ever since these premature deaths, many a resurrection has been attempted.


Their promised reunion tour sounds fun and nobody can deny the sheer epicness of a potential Lisa Left Eye Lopez hologram, but its simply not enough. And as banging as Stooshe are, their Waterfalls cover simply left true TLC-ers wanting. Could the TLC movie be what we’ve all been waiting for? I sincerely hope so. Here are some reasons I can’t wait to butter some popcorn and get my oversized gladrags on for my very own private screening:

  1. Firstly, we’ll get some style inspiration from the girls themselves.


Kind of.

Well it will sort of be like meeting One Direction mannequins at Madame Tussaud’s; not quite the real thing but damn; aren’t they pretty?

2. And of course its a chance to sing along to TLC’s countless bangers. Any excuse to scream ‘No Scrubs’ into a hairbrush is fine by me. TLC karaoke night anyone?

3.Who doesn’t love a good biopic? We’ll get to learn even more about the girls, but it being a film, it automatically minuses all the boring bits Wikipedia loves.

4. Did I mention the clothes?

5. It’ll be nice to see Left Eye in action again (R.I.P), even if she has been reincarnated as part time Bow Wow lookalike, Lil Mama.

6. It will take 90’s nostalgia to a whole different level. Jelly shoes and crop tops?! Please…it’s about to get real.


7. Plus we get to see Lil Mama dance and say what you want about her, she has moves that make Ciara look like Cartlon Banks (I’m still not sure if that’s a compliment or an insult)

8. It’s a much needed break from the constant Beyoncé  saturation (we love you Bey, we really do but…move)

9. They actually managed to cast people that look somewhat like the band members (which is more than can be said for Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor. Yikes.)

10. And finally… THE FRICKIN’ CLOTHES!

Watch the trailer here… are you as excited as we are?!

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