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Stylin’: Slam Jammin’

Hey guys, this is the first of our STYLIN’ posts, where we’ll be showing you how we would style different items from our site! The first is a tee from our latest ’92 Collection, it’s one of my personal faves as it’s inspired by an old Troop sweatshirt of mine which was covered in basketball mesh […]

Flygirl of the week – Frankie

There’s a ridiculous number of so called “style bloggers” nowadays, who post their everyday, uninspiring outfits, so when we find a blogger with unique style, we want to applaud their originality!  We found Frankie’s blog Even Though I’m Skint refreshing, from the self-deprecating way she writes her posts to her outfit choices which show her 90’s influenced […]


The best thing about London Fashion Week? Two words. NASIR MAZHAR. Its 5pm now and his show was at 2.15 so there isn’t much online yet but these images made our hearts beat so fast, it’s just E&E all over! Love the fact that he’s done the whole set like a barbershop, genius! He brought the […]


We came across fashion blogger Paulitta and fell in love with her quirky styling and cool street style blog posts. Hailing from Poland, Paulitta states the 80’s & 90’s as her biggest influence for fashion. A girl after our own hearts! Check out her flygirl interview below. FULL NAME: Paula Paulitta Suchowera AGE: 23 LOCATION: Warsaw / Poland […]


The talented Ali Wakil of The Experience Blog contacted us to do as piece on the brand for his site. We were majorly hyped, as although there are hundreds of so-called “urban” blogs out there, The Experience features high end and highly rated fashion brands plus interviews with influential creatives. Check out the whole piece […]