House Party

Hey, this is Bernadette with another round of Style Stealer. In this edition we are going to set things off with some old school fashion inspired by the hit film “House Party.

house party educate elevate 90s

house party 90s kid & play educate elevate The 1990 comedy classic “House Party tells the story of Kid & Play, played by Christopher Reid and Christopher Martin who decide to throw the party of the year while their parents are on vacation.  Despite Kid’s father disdain for him going out so late at night and potentially getting in trouble Kid decides to sneak out in order to meet his friend play and not miss a beat of this party.  While there, he meets up with his friend Play and Bilal, the resident DJ and meet two women Sydney and Sharane.  They eventually fall in love with the women while at the same time get chased by the school bullies and get involved in one of the most epic rap and dance battles ever seen on the big screen.

The cast represented a who’s who of emerging as well as already successful late 80’s and early 90’s super stars including Kid n’ Play, Martin Lawrence, Full Force and Tisha Campbell.  The movie had many music and style moments too that inspired some of the biggest trends of the 90’s.  This included the emergence of bold color menswear that consisted of patterned shirts, and pastel colored blazers, leather jackets as a 90’s staple, dress shoes as a fashion must have and lets not forget the high top fade haircut that became a creative statement in the early 90’s.  As for the ladies the characters of Sydney and Sharane proved that crop tops, bold coloured rompers, bucket hats and printed vests or blazer topped with a belt harem pants and big earrings were hip during this era.

educate elevate 90s house party

From the clothes to the moves to the smart writing all the way to the top of Kid’s fade the movie “House Party” has been one of the most successful comedies in recent memory and represented the positivity that the 90’s was all about.  It has introduced fashions and styles that still are relevant today and has inspired the current generation of teens and young adults to not only emulate, but also reinvent this look.  It is because of this that we place the movie “House Party” as our Style Stealer of the week.

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Watch one of our favourite scenes from the movie below!

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