Poetic Justice

PoeticJustice1993 Tpac Educate Elevate

Acid washed boyfriend jeans, hoops, flannel shirts, box braids and scrunchies, there is not much I don’t like about the style in the 90’s classic film, Poetic Justice. As a 90’s kid myself, I automatically have nostalgia when it comes to pretty much anything associated with this era. Poetic Justice sums up everything I love about the 90’s period, with the classic hip-hop soundtrack, vintage Levi’s and baseball caps. Kendrick Lamar’s hit single ‘Poetic Justice’ was inspired by the film and even samples Janet Jackson’s “Any Time, Any Place”. If it inspires King Kendrick and the EE team, you know it needs to be in your DVD collection.

Poetic Justice Tupac 90s Educate Elevate (3)

Poetic Justice Tupac 90s Educate Elevate (2)

With the lead roles being played by Janet Jackson (as Justice) and Tupac Shakur (playing Lucky), you know it’s going to be something special. The beginning of the film shows Justice seeing her then boyfriend (played by Q-Tip) getting killed. Justice slips into a depressive state and starts writing poems to express herself. Not going to lie, she somehow makes poetry cool! The film has a kind of running will they/won’t they theme between Justice and Lucky. Especially when Justice’s friend manages to convince her to go on a road trip with her boyfriend and guess who else? Yes, Lucky. But I won’t spoil the ending for you! Poetic Justice is a must watch film and damn Tupac Shakur had it going on.  The style in this film has such a strong connection between fashion and music and Justice’s style is so effortless and classic. Think Aaliyah music videos, Ashley from Fresh Prince of Bel Air and a combination of tight and baggy clothing. If you want this Compton girl edge, check out the current Educate Elevate crop tops and FlyGirl hoops! Here is my POETIC JUSTICE X EDUCATE ELEVATE styling inspiration.


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