Jam of the Week – Another Bad Creation

This is Bernadette with your Jam of the Week, a new feature on the Educate Elevate blog! For the first  ever Jam of the Week we are taking it back to 1990. In the year of Hammer pants, Pretty Women, Nintendo and slap bracelets, these young guys from Atlanta had their first number 1 hit with this song.  The group is Another Bad Creation and the song is the summer jam “Iesha”.


Another Bad Creation was an R&B and rap group from Atlanta Georgia.  They were discovered by New Edition and BBD member Michael Bivins and under the East Coast Family label they cranked out their first record Coolin at the Playground Ya Know with their most successful songs to date “Iesha” and “At the Playground”.  Both singles reached the top ten on the R&B and Pop charts in 1990 and 1991.




From the days of hanging out at the park to memories of playing Super Mario and Donkey Kong on the old school Nintendo system the video is quintessential to what the life in the 90s was all about to a young kid. Their wardrobe is no exception either.  The video is full of fashion trends that were popular the early 90s including the beginning of the baggy clothes trend, the start of sportswear as a viable and influential aspect of street fashion, and overalls as an nostalgic piece of 90s apparel.


  So how can one get the look?  Well, start with a funky Educate Elevate T-Shirt or jersey and incorporate it with gear from your favorite sports teams (New Era gear is fine but if you want to go even further with the retro look check out athletic gear from Starter).  To get a fresh perspective of the ABC look add fabric paint or fabric spray to your overalls and shorts in order to get some graffiti inspired personalization to your outfit.  Then top it off with a bucket hat or a cool snapback and then you got the vibe down.

If you’re feeling inspired then check out our Jam of the Week Iesha to see how to make this style one of your own and keep coming back each week for more 80s and 90s fashion inspired looks and videos.  Until next time, remember to keep on Educating & Elevating!


Shop the Jam of the Week Look with Educate Elevate pieces : http://www.polyvore.com/jam_week_another_bad_creation/setid=91820137


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