The Pharcyde x More Bounce – SlimKid3 reps Educate Elevate

This Saturday only More Bounce could bring back The Pharcyde for a second sold-out show in Manchester!


SlimKid 3 reppin Educate & Elevate Tee.

View our streetwear:


The night took us all back to the early 90s with classics such like “Oh Shit,” “Otha Fish”, “Ya’ Mama,” and hit single, “Passing Me By,” it is not surprising that it shipped over a million units, garnered comparisons to De La Soul and Tribe Called Quest, and everyone from Pitchfork Media to The Source has hailed it as one of the greatest albums ever made.

Pharcyde stayed true to themselves and hip hop, truely a group of talented and very polite group of guys,  check out some of The Pharcyde’s classic tracks:

Pharcyde got everyone bouncing SlimKid3 came out reppin Educate & Elevate for the night, check out Air Adam Photography for some dope photos of the event here >> More Bounce present The Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde @ NQ Live



Educate & Elevate’s Member Melissa hooked up with Pharcyde at the aftershow party.

We were keen to work with More Bounce as they are always bringing us the ultimate nights in hip hop. We will be working with them to bring you Educate & Elevate’s first ever event this year!

E&E x More Bounce are bringing you our AW’13 shoot and family party, where everyone is welcome ! That’s all I’m saying for now so keep your eyes out and follow More Bounce ( More Bounce Facebook & @morebouncemcr) and follow us ( Educate & Elevate Facebook & @educateelevate) to find out the latest information & get in the know.


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