90’s VS Now Part 2 – The Amanda Show vs Everyone

With Amanda’s name on everyone’s lips at the moment, our guest blogger Yomi’s latest post discusses the show that shot her to fame in the late 90’s! Check out Yomi’s personal blog here: http://www.sittingwitty.com/ and follow her @sittingwitty

Nineties VS Now: The Amanda Show V Any post 90’s Nick show featuring a prepubescent female protagonistImage

If there is something that kids love, it’s watching their plucky age-mates adventures on-screen. From Blossom to Sabrina The Teenage Witch, there is nothing better than watching girls other than yourself be ignored at the lockers by a steamy blonde haired quarterback or awkwardly go shopping for training bras with their single parent father. No matter what the decade, you can always be sure there’s going to be a TV show about an awkward teeny-bopper bracing life with a brace face.

But not The Amanda Show. The Amanda Show was basically Saturday Night Live for kiddies. It was all based on skits and wits and it was amazing. Amanda Bynes’ constant bindi wearing and butterfly clips actually inspired the little amount of swag I had aged 8 (though my doo doo plaits during that time period didn’t particularly permit much leniency when it came to hairstyles). A television great, it was no surprise that Nickelodeon have kept up the winning formula of XX chromosomes and  puberty, churning out the web based iCarly and loads other similar shows nobody cares about. Though differing slightly, all centre on the lives of preppy pre-teen girls with permanent happy go lucky attitudes and an inability to cease smiling. But only one can come out on top.



The Amanda Show


1999- 2002

Best bits:

Where do I start? The old guy who constantly was constantly getting prank called? The crazy, buck-toothed Courtney that would go “MAH-HA” for no reason? The amazingly shit adverts for things like ‘Lunchbay.com’ and ‘Pass the Skunk’? It was all golden.

In the days of Beanie Babies, Smell Gels and digital makeover CD Roms,The Amanda Show was literally all that and a bag of chips. With incest jokes in ‘Hill-billy moment’, the quite clearly stoned teenager ‘Totally Kyle’ and video piracy in ‘Blockblister’, it was even pretty cutting edge back then when you think about it. The Amanda Show was always a firm conversation starter during  pair work in Literacy. It was just so funny! No wonder she had that bespectacled stalker with that Amandaplease.com website (which my friends and I found out actually existed to our delight in an I.T lesson). Okay, so Penelope Taynt was part of the show, but she’s a prime example of what made it good. So good in fact, it subsequently helped birth the lol-fest that was Drake and Josh. And even though she may be bat-shit crazy now, Amanda certainly made my evenings with her shit wigs and general hilarity. Remember ‘The Girls Room’ skit, where they had that ratchet one who used to threaten to beat everyone up, and that other one that would just go ‘I like eggs’ at everything? I always wondered how she didn’t end up decking her. Quality telly.



Well, any post 90’s Nick show featuring a prepubescent female protagonist. So just change it to Nick now and have a cheeky glance, that is if your retinas aren’t singed in the process.


Any time from after the 90’s until now

Best bits:

Erm…Well Drake Bell sang the theme tune of ICarly and he’s okay I guess?

ICarly. Victorious. True Jackson. How to Rock. “What are these shows? Who are these people?” I hear you cry, trembling with remote control in hand. These, my friend, are the new generation of shit shows that litter Nick and then when you think you’re safe, do it all again an hour later on plus one. Your poor little brothers and sisters sense of humours are at stake (unless your parents are doing it right and keeping them on a strict Adventure Time diet) as Nick shows slowly but surely descend further into an abyss of irreversible banality. Though we knew all was lost when Zoey 101 hit our screens in 2005 anyway.

So basically the storyline of almost every single of of these shows is as follows: 13 year old with better hair than you leads implausible life as either internet sensation/superstar/world class gymnast, yet still suffers from all the issues other kids do like spats with their 2 dimensional boring, backing dancer/best mate and nobody fancying them (except everyone fancies them). And they always live in some über  funky apartment and never have parents. I literally saw an advert for How To Rock the other day (by chance, not because I was watching Cramp Twins or anything) and they should have just called it ‘Victorious: Biracial girl edition!’. They didn’t even bother changing the storyline! There’s a reason why I put The Amanda Show against every single show of this genre in recent times. Its because if I put just one of them against it, they would have never had a chance. Not that they did anyway. Why did I write this again?

Verdict:  Amanda Bynes, ‘When Cheerleaders Attack’ and adjourning court with fucking dancing crustaceans? The kids shows of today never stood a chance. The Amanda Show reigns supreme. Case closed- Bring on the dancing Lobsters!


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