Hey guys! It’s Dawn here. For my 2nd post as part of the E&E blogger takeover I’m going to be writing about Key Hip hop fashion icons. After a lot of debate, I managed to narrow it down to my Top 10… enjoy!

 When I think of hip hop fashion icons, I think of people who push the boundaries of fashion with their individual sense of style. 80’s, 90’s and current, below are who I consider some of the top hip hop artists when it comes to having solid style as well as sound.

80’s: RUN DMC & Salt-N-Pepa

RUN DMC were more than just the Kings of Rock, they were the Kings of Hip hop fashion in the 80’s. Those iconic Adidas tracksuits, fedoras, gold chains and shell toe Adidas trainers with no laces… Rev, DMC and Jam Master Jay had STYLE! Many MCs after them may have rocked the same look, but they made it iconic and had their own Adidas line long before any other rapper clothing lines and endorsement deals.  

If RUN DMC were the Kings of 80’s Hip hop fashion, Salt-N-Pepa were the Queens. Their fresh hip hop style incorporating bold and colourful trends has inspired many female artists since and seen heavy comebacks, from their retro Nike high tops to their iconic gold doorknocker earrings.

90’s: A Tribe Called Quest, TLC, Aaliyah, The Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff

 A Tribe Called Quest have always been in a league of their own when it comes to fashion. The Tribe were well known for their unique sense of style that reflected their involvement in Zulu Nation, an international hip hop awareness group centered around diversity and embracing different cultures. Their fashion sense and music went hand in hand, setting them apart as not only arguably the greatest hip hop group of all time, but fashion icons too.

 TLC embody everything the 90’s represents in both their music and fearless style. Baggy jeans, dungarees, tie-dye and acid wash denim, it’s obvious why these girls are The Fresh Princesses of 90’s Hip hop fashion. T-Boz, Left Eye and Chilli made it officially cool for girls to rock baggy clothes. Crazy, Sexy, Cool… their album title sums them up in 3 words.

 The list of style trends this 90’s fashionista established is impressive, all of which have seen a revival over the years. Artists like Rihanna and Rita Ora have Aaliyah to thank for adding sex appeal to guy’s clothes. From bandanas to Tommy Hilfiger boxers, this girl rocked them all and rocked them hard.

 The biggest and most significant contribution to 90’s hip hop fashion is from the freshest duo in history, The Fresh Prince himself and DJ Jazzy Jeff. These are officially the flyest guys in 90’s hip hop fashion and have continued to inspire fashion trends to this day. There’s no doubt that their countless moments of pure fashion genius will go on to leave their mark for future generations upon generations. All Hail the Fresh Prince!


Current: A$AP Rocky, Joey Bada$$, Danny Brown & Rita Ora

On the current hip hop fashion scene, these four artists rise above the rest with their individuality and on point style.

Ever since A$AP Rocky blew up, his fine-tuned sense of style has been apparent. With a talent for effortlessly mixing high end luxury fashion labels with street brands, Rocky occupies the #1 spot as the undisputed Fashion Killa.

 Joey Bada$$ of the Progressive Era may not be as widely known as Rocky yet for either his music or his fashion sense, but he’s currently at the top of the game for both. Music aside (although if you haven’t heard him, you’re MISSING out!), his style is all about keeping that 90’s vibe alive whilst embracing modern trends too. As with many other artists, a description of his sense of style and music could be the same.

Danny Brown is even more low-key than Joey, however this guy’s individuality when it comes to both music and style earns him a solid place in this list. I admire Danny for doing his own thing when it comes to fashion, without regard for anyone else. In his own words: “I just buy stuff I like. I don’t have limitations. I don’t think about what somebody else will think about how I look.” (source: http://bit.ly/WsBzdL)

 And finally, Miss Ora. Although not a hip hop artist, her style usually has a strong urban/hip hop element. As a girl myself, Rita is my ultimate style icon and I’d love to steal her wardrobe more than anything else in the world. Her love of bold, bright outfits crossing the lines of street wear and sports luxe earns her the crown and title Queen of Current Hip hop fashion.


 From the 80’s to 2013, all of these Hip hop fashion icons have one thing in common… When it comes to fashion they approach it boldly with fearlessness and individuality, creating a look that’s expressive and unique to them.

 Until next time,

Dawn x

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