Flygirl of the week – Frankie

There’s a ridiculous number of so called “style bloggers” nowadays, who post their everyday, uninspiring outfits, so when we find a blogger with unique style, we want to applaud their originality!  We found Frankie’s blog Even Though I’m Skint refreshing, from the self-deprecating way she writes her posts to her outfit choices which show her 90’s influenced take on street style. We caught up with Frankie to find out more about her style choices…

FULL NAME: Frankie Dakin
AGE: 21
TWITTER: @FrizzleDizzle
INSTAGRAM: Frankiegd
OCCUPATION: Student at Queen Mary Uni of London + retail assistant

Hey Frankie! When did you first start blogging and why?

I started blogging last November, I’m obsessed with reading blogs and thought, why not? They can do it so can I. I love London style and thought I’d show my own take on it…on a skint student budget.

When did you fall in love with fashion?

I’d love to say it was as a little kid, but I used to hate my dad buying me Doc Martens and Kenzo outfits when I was little, I was such a loser. Really it began when I was about 11 and started getting enough pocket money to go buy my own clothes; Tammy Girl didn’t know what hit it.

When did you first start getting noticed for your style?

Since I started blogging I guess. I keep getting photog’d by bloggers, but never seem to be able to find them, probably cos I’m so un-photogenic they never put them up.

How would you describe your signature style?

Eclectic skint student hippy/grunger/90’s weirdo.

What labels do you love to wear?

I love Versace, I’ve found a few cool pieces in charity shops for almost nothing. I love McQueen but sadly my bank account won’t stretch that far.

Who are your style icons and why?

At the moment Azealia Banks, her style’s so different to the basic artists around at the moment. Her style is I don’t give a fuck chameleon badass bitch. I love it!

What is your favourite outfit of all time?

I don’t have one in particular, but crazy prints are like crack to me.

What is your worst fashion faux pas?

Bright pink corduroy flares with a green skater chain when I was about 12!

Footwear of choice?

My new Jeffrey Campbell Tardys are my babies, I don’t care they make me 6’4” they are BADASS!

Who is your favourite artist? 

So many!! Seth Troxler, Beyonce, Black Sabbath, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Spice girls 4eva, Snoop Dogg (or is it Snoop Lion now), Bob Marley,  Krysko + my little sister introduced me to A$AP Rocky who is sick!

If you could restyle any badly dressed celebrity who would it be and
how would you dress them?

I don’t like her but Tulisa’s style makes me cringe so hard, I’d cut her hair short and put her in something minimalist and tomboyish.

Who is your favourite twitter follower and why?

I don’t know..but my least favourite is my dad he loves taking the piss out of my tweets.

Who’s style do you admire (non celeb)

Jessica from has A M A Z I N G style, she always looks fresh and has a great eye for vintage.

Where do you get your influence for style?

Definitely mostly from other bloggers, but when I’m door host at work I love people watching and there’s some amazingly dressed people wondering up and down Oxford Street.

What is your pet hate when it comes to fashion?

Hipsterishness. I was once in a vintage shop in Shoreditch and overheard some girl saying she loves creepers but everyone is wearing them now so she wouldn’t wear them anymore; so full of shit!!.

Which fashion trend would you ban forever?

Anything by Jack Wills, why everyone wants overpriced identical polo shirts emblazoned with a shitty little peacock is beyond me. Go get a t shirt with ‘I have more money than style’ printed on it, it’s probably cheaper.

Favourite designer?

Alexander Wang! OH MY DAYS his SS13 collection at NYFW was so perfect, I LOVE him.

Favourite movie?

Ahhh that’s so hard! Probably Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, I dressed up at C3PO at Boomtown festival this year.

Who would play you in a movie of your life and why?

Beyonce, she is everything. I secretly want to be a huge popstar (can’t sing though) so it has to be her.

What do you miss about the 90s?

The Spice Girls, Pokemon  and Kickers.

One thing that makes you angry:

People standing on the left side of the escalator in London, IT’S FOR WALKING DOWN, STAND ON THE RIGHT UGH!

One thing that makes you happy:

Raving for daaaayyyys.

Describe yourself in five words:

Gregarious, lazy, goofy, loving, clueless.

If you could pick any item to wear from the E&E collection which would it be?

The Nike Airs Big L quote tee, soooo good!!

What piece of advice would you give people to educate & elevate in life?

 Life’s too short to hate and bitchiness always gets back to you. It’s nicer to make people smile.

Thanks Frankie! Make sure you check out Frankie’s blog on the links above and watch out for an E&E post very soon! You can get the Nike Airs Big L Tee here.

P.S Frankie – bring the braids back!!!! So 90’s Patra.


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