Ever since we discovered TRIBE NYC thanks to Tumblr, we’ve been obssessed with this group of guys style. We’ve already interview one of our fav retros Kenny B Smooth and now it’s time to hear from his fellow Tribe member Manolo Mike.

FULL NAME: Michael ”Manolo Mike” Collins

AGE: 21


TWITTER: ManoloMike

INSTAGRAM: michaelcollins

OCCUPATION: College Student, Dancer, Model and Revolutionary

Hey Manolo Mike! Where are you from & what do you do?

Am From Newark NJ and currently am in school for my undergraduate degree on social science. I dance, model, take care of my family and inspire others.

Tell us about about Tribe?

The Tribe is group of young talented and motivated people that are working together too uplift one another from stereotypes and stigmas.

When did you fall in love with fashion?

I feel in love with fashion in 1999 when my Mother bought me a MECCA outfit that everyone at school complemented me on because it was unique and no one ever saw.

When did you first start getting noticed for your style?

In 2006 when in started wearing “Original snapbacks” in high school. There was more negative criticism than positive, but what mattered the most was I was comfortable.

How would you describe your signature style?

My style is very early 90s and Mescaline. My style represents a young Man that’s serious, aggressive and focused.

What labels do you love to wear?

I love to wear a number of labels such as Starter, Proline, Ralph Lauren, Nike, Reebok & Adidas.

Where do you like to shop?

I like too shop at Top Shelf Premium Vintage, online, and weird places.

Who are your style icons and why?

My parents, my sister and my cousin Anton Sanders. My family members wore outfits that expressed their personality and didn’t really worry about rules when finessing their outfits.

What is your favorite outfit of all time?

I don’t have one. Theirs too many . lol

Who is your favorite artist?


Who’s style do you admire (non celeb)?

My nephew Julian Macintosh

Where do you get your influence for style?

Late 80s early 90s hip-hop, R&b, and Sports

Favorite designer?

Ralph Lauren

Favorite movie?

Mo Better Blues

Favorite music video?

Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby

 Favorite fashion decade?

Late 80’s

Who would play you in a movie of your life and why?

My nephew because he knows me perfect.

What do you miss about the 90s?

The music, the commercial’s,  horror movies and sitcoms

 Things that makes you angry:

Liars, Thieves, and inauthenticity.

Things that makes you happy:

Honesty, my family, food, The Tribe, and success.

Describe yourself in five words:

Genuine, aggressive, positive, faithful, and creative.

What ‘s your favourite piece from the E&E Collection?

I love the High Top Tee.

What piece of advice would you give people to educate & elevate in life?

The advice I would give would have to be: stay positive, open minded, and just try their best to do the right thing.



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