RoxXxan was spotted in our black & yellow bobble beanie yesterday while finishing off her hotly anticipated mixtape. It’s about time we had some talented female MCs coming from the U.K and Rox is one we support 100%!

Get Rox’s hat here.

We caught up with the keen boxer turned MC for a quick fire round…

Describe RoxXxan in five sentences?

Ganjah kween

British bod gyal

Hard working


Favourite album of all time?
Missy Elliot – Addictive /Lauryn Hill – Miseducation

What inspires you to make music?
Memories and dreams

Top five music artists of all time?
Missy Elliot

Bob Marley


Lauryn hill

Alicia Keys

Most underrated artist right now?

Nipsey Hustle

Track on repeat right now?
Etta Bond – Boring Bitches

Kicks of choice?
Vans /Air Max 90s

Style Icon?
Pharrell Williams

Favourite city to shop?


Best thing about the 90’s?

Reebok with the pump

Ice lollies that break into two

Bubbly chewing gums

Favourite magazine?

Most overused phrase?

Favourite twitter follower?
All my supporters

Who inspires you?
Less who more what and it’s the stuggle

One thing that makes you angry?
Pussyholes lol

One thing that makes you happy?
When my loved ones are happy

What advice would you give people to educate and elevate in life?
Learn as much as u can, work hard, always be polite and respectful.

” Dont gain the world 2 lose your soul”

THANKS ROX!! Check out the video to “Too F*kin Facety” below and follow Rox on Twitter here. 


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