This week’s flygirl is no other than tumblr QUEEN Nicole Miller aka UNIQUE NICCI. Her natural beauty mixed with laid back streetstyle makes her the perfect flygirl, and as a friend of ours we can say she’s one of the sweetest girls we’ve met too. Some girls have it all huh?


FULL NAME: Nicole Zaira Miller
AGE: 18
LOCATION: Manchester
INSTAGRAM: uniquenicci
OCCUPATION: Student/Model
When did you first start getting noticed for your style?
I first started getting noticed when I began to take pictures for tumblr. A lot of people decided to reblog me and it went from there.
How would you describe your signature style?
I like a mix of everything. I don’t like to stick to just one style.
There will be days where I will dress completely differently than I did the day before.
I think the mixture of my nationalities have had a big impact on my style.
What labels do you love to wear?
Obviously Educate Elevate! Haha!
I like to thrift a lot.
But recently I have had more knowledge of labels such as ANVEL, Haerbrainschemes, Diedrick Wilson etc.
I like to experiment with different labels now, not just the commercial ones.
Who are your style icons and why?
One of my style icons has to be Rihanna. I don’t so much like her, but her style is always on point.
It goes from girly one day, to skater girl and then the next day something like beach babe.
There’s variety in her style and that’s why I like it so much.
What is your favourite outfit of all time?
It would have to be old school high waisted washed out jeans, chucks, belly top and dangly earrings.
This would be for summer though, and since it’s summer, that would be my perfect outfit
What is your worst fashion faux pas?
Probably belly shirts lol.
Footwear of choice?
CHUCKS, for life.
Who is your favourite artist?
This is really hard but I’m gonna have to go with Kanye West.
If you could restyle any badly dressed celebrity who would it be and how would you dress them?
Paris Hilton, ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! All that pink just makes me sick.
She needs to explore other different colours and different type of fashion, the pink girly girl with short skirts and kitten heels is getting old *yawn*
Who is your favourite twitter follower and why?
Definitely @OVO40, we don’t talk much on it but I guess I’m proud of him following me.
He’s such an amazing person.
Who’s style do you admire
@lacedwithlemai she has dope style, and she experiments. Which is what I like it so much.
Where do you get your influence for style?
Mostly my nationalities and I go with what my mind likes. I don’t care if everyone else isn’t wearing it, if I like it, I will wear it regardless.
 What is your pet hate when it comes to fashion?
I hate pink. I really do.
What’s your favourite fashion decade & why?
80’s, and it’s not because it’s in fashion now. My Mum has a biiiig wardrobe up in our loft and she has a lot of things that she used to wear when she was young, I just think it looks cool, yet laid back and shows that you are not trying too hard to impress.
Which fashion trend would you ban forever?
Nike Foams. They are the worst thing I have seen in my entire life.
Favourite designer?
Marc Jacobs
Who would play you in a movie of your life and why?
Jessica Alba. Because I’ve seen her in films before and I think if we were ever to meet, we would really click.
If you could pick any item to wear from the E&E collection which would it be?
The bomber jackets because each one is unique.
Thanks Nic! Make sure you follow Nicci on Twitter and Tumblr!
Check out the Educate & Elevate collection here: WWW.EDUCATEELEVATE.COM

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