If you’ve checked out our Tumblr before (& if not, why not?!? you’ve probably noticed we have a hugeeeeeeeeeeeeee crush on this particular fly girl of the week. She’s the queen of making baggy clothes look ridiculously sexy, and has that natural beauty that would make you hate her if she wasn’t such a sweetheart! It’s Bell Williams, aka Heyb3lla!

FULL NAME: Annabelle Rose Williams

AGE: 16

LOCATION: Bournemouth, South England

TWITTER: @bell_williams

INSTAGRAM: @bell_williams

OCCUPATION: Just finished GCSE’s

Hey Bella!! We’re excited to interview you after stalking you for a few weeks. First off we wanna know where you’re from & what do you do?

Stalking is a nice way to put it haha. I am from a small town called Bournemouth on the south coast of England and I have recently just finished doing my GCSE’s. I have danced for 14 years and currently do a weekend course and a local theatre school which I love.

We found you through tumblr, where people go crazy about what you wear. When did you first start getting noticed for your style?

I started getting noticed around the first week of June this year so not that long ago actually. Its surreal how much attention I started getting after I posted a photo of me and my friend Jorden where I’m wearing a red tee and blue beanie and she is wearing my camo jacket and red beanie. This picture was posted around the 6th of June and from then on was when people started noticing my style from the internet.

How would you describe your signature style?

My signature style I’d say is beanies. I love them, and got them in plenty colours, and everyone knows me for wearing beanies. Along with that, people always notice my baggy tee’s and sweats which I love wearing because I am so comfortable in them.

What labels do you love to wear?

Personally, I don’t wear labels. When I look for clothes, I always find them as a one off in a vintage shops or something. A lot of my clothes I steal from my parents from the back of their wardrobe, clothes they wore back then. I rarely buy clothes because I save my money to travel places and food, cause I love food.

Who are your style icons and why?

Right now I am forever looking up to Rihanna and Rita Ora’s style. It’s old school but fresh. Yolandi Visser’s someone who I have been paying a lot of attention to recently, I love her style.

What is your favourite outfit of all time?

I don’t have a favourite outfit really, as long as I’m in something baggy with a beanie I feel great. As long as I feel comfortable in it, I don’t mind.

What is your worst fashion faux pas?

Probably anything and everything I wore from a year ago onwards.

Footwear of choice?

Probably my nikes or my converse. I like sporty shoes.

Who is your favourite artist?

That’s proper difficult because  I have such a varied taste in music. I listen to dub like Doctor P,  Skrillex and Borgore, then I listen to bands like Nirvana, Two Door Cinema Club, The XX, Muse, and then I listen to rap like Odd Future, A$AP Rocky and my main men Biggie and Tupac, and then more acoustic stuff like Ben Howard, Hobbie Stuart and Daughter. It’s a wide range, there’s many more but I could go on forever.

If you could restyle any badly dressed celebrity who would it be and how would you dress them?

Probably the whole towie cast because they all look like Barbie and Ken. I would take all their orange tan off and dress them in something more casual and old school.

Who is your favourite twitter follower and why?

They are all my favourites, I couldn’t single out just one because they always make me smile and laugh.

Who’s style do you admire (non celeb)

I really admire Nyane Lebajoa. Her style is dope.

Where do you get your influence for style?

I started wearing my dads t-shirts around the house when I was like 13 and as the years went on I started to develop a love for baggy clothing and now I guess I see pictures over my tumblr dash of people who dress similar to me and it just kind of goes like that I suppose. I always used to flick through old photos of my mum and dad and admires what they wore.

What is your pet hate when it comes to fashion?

Double denim. Even though I have seen some people wear it well which I’m not sure how they pull it off but its awful and I just don’t like the look of it. I also hate barbour jackets, people where I live still wear them, I never even liked them. And don’t even get me started on Pauls Boutique.

What’s your favourite fashion decade & why?

My favourite fashion decade is definitely the 90’s by far

Which fashion trend would you ban forever?

Ugg boots. I would’nt even call that a fashion trend but they should definitely be banned, they aren’t flattering or stylish in any shape or form.

Favourite designer?

Mulberry and Alexandra McQueen strangely.

Who would play you in a movie of your life and why?

Rita Ora probably, because when she was my age she had the same hopes and dreams for the future as I do.

If you could pick any item to wear from the E&E collection which would it be? 

I want pretty much every single item. This is probably my favourite clothing line cause it’s dope as hell.

What piece of advice would you give people to educate & elevate in life?

Expressing yourself is exciting. Following the crowd is boring.


Make sure you tweet us & tell us what you think of Bell’s style! If you’d like to be considered for a fly girl/guy of the week tweet us @educateelevate or email


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