Ok so we had our first flyguy of the week, Kenny. Now it’s time for our first ever flygirl Alyssa!

FULL NAME: Alyssa Maree Carbaña

AGE: 19

LOCATION: Sydney, Australia

TWITTER: Alyssamaree92

INSTAGRAM: Alyssamaree92


OCCUPATION: Nursing student at The University of Technology, Sydney

Hey Alyssa! First off we wanna know where you’re from & what do you do?

I’m from Sydney Australia, I’m in my second year studying nursing at The University of Technology Sydney and I work at Nike in the centre city of Sydney!

 When did you first start getting noticed for your style?

I got noticed for my style on Instagram. I started off thinking that I’ll just take random photos of what I wear and the new pick ups I buy… and bam I now have a great following from many people all over the world that I love chatting to and learning from!

That’s how we found you! How would you describe your signature style?

I would describe my style as a combination between skater meets urban hip-hop culture which are two very different colliding worlds but I always add a sprinkle of feminity to balance it all out.

What labels do you love to wear?

I’m a big big fan of ONLY NY inc. which is an independent apparel brand based out of the West side of Manhattan that is also involved with NYC’s underground street culture from skateboarding to graffiti writing.

Who are your style icons and why?

My favourite style icons are Rita Ora, Honey Cocaine, Jessie J and Willow Smith: Rita Ora is the biggest fashion icon of mine because as her stylist describes her she’s “Gwen Stefani meets Where’s Wally”. I love that her style is quirky, fun, bright, bold and I always love women who can rock some Jordan’s! I love Honey Cocaine’s style because of her big gold jewellery from her hoop earrings to rings, diamond encrusted gold watches and of course multiple necklace chains. She too is a lady who’s on her Jordan shoe game! I love Willow Smith’s style because it’s different from Honey or Rita. Willow pulls off the chic tom boy skater style from slouch beanies and band t-shirts. I also love how she’s a big fan of Thrasher which is a popular skating magazine and Odd Future who’s style is very much skater type with loose tees, vans and colourful socks.

We’re hugeeeee Rita fans too! What is your favourite outfit of all time?

My favourite outfit of all time would defiantly be my Wu Tang Clan beanie, a grey shirt I made myself which I sewed a colourful pocket to, navy blue wind breaker jacket, my colourful leggings, my favourite pair of shoes my Nike Air Max 1’s Shaddows and of course gold chains and gold hoops!

Gotta love Air Max! What is your worst fashion faux pas?

My biggest fashion crime… hmm this one is hard because let’s face it we’ve all had some terrible fashion phases. I think when I went through the neon phase back in 2005/06 where I used bright pink and yellow neon shoe laces as headbands… haha wow never going through those photographs again!

Footwear of choice?

I’m a devoted lover to all things Nike! My favourite shoes are Air Max 1’s and Jordan’s! Although I don’t own a pair of Jordan’s just yet it helps that I now work at Nike in Sydney…but looking in the future it’s a worry as I am a bit of a sneaker freak!

 Who is your favourite artist?

I have many favourite artist so I can’t say just one… my all-time favourites are Michael Jackson, The Beatles & old school hip-hop from Wu Tang to Biggie Smalls.

If you could restyle any badly dressed celebrity who would it be and how would you dress them?

The immediate celebrity that pops up in my head is the infamous Snooki from Jersey Shore. Her fashion sense is definitely one that’s always being talked about. I would firstly get her out of the bejewelled t-shirts and mini skirts and put her into something more chic and suited to her body. I would put her in some shiny black leggings, a loose black singlet, a tailored gold sequence blazer with black trimming and some Jeffery Campbell Lita spikes!

Who is your favourite twitter follower and why?

My favourite twitter follower is a friend of mine @superliridon because his tweets are hilarious, honest and he says things most of us think but are too embarrassed to neither tweet nor talk about. Follow him he’s very friendly!

Who’s style do you admire (non celeb)?

One of my really good friend’s from London whom I met on twitter/instagram Chloe-Louise (Instagram: Clkhalifa) is definitely my favourite. She’s a sneaker head and knows all about her shoe game which I love because she updates me on new and exciting shoes.

Where do you get your influence for style?

My influence for style comes from anything and everywhere. A big part of my influence comes from musicians such as Wu Tang Clan, TLC, Missy Elliot, Jessie J and Rita Ora to countries such as Tokyo Japan and America and television shows such as The Fresh Prince of Bellaire! The place where I get all my inspiration is definitely from Tumblr!

What is your pet hate when it comes to fashion?

My pet hate when it comes to fashion is the overpriced clothing out there that can simply be found in places that sell it cheaper or can be made by yourself! Most of the clothing that I wear I’ve found in my parents and brothers closet and at markets and opp shops. I love sewing so whenever there is something wrong with an item whether it be missing a button to being way to big, I sew and alter myself.

Which fashion trend would you ban forever?

If I could band any fashion trend it would be the mini shorts that show way too much bum cheek for the viewing eye. It’s cool if you’re at the beach and in that setting but I don’t want to be grocery shopping and seeing that!

Favourite designer?

My favourite designer that I recently found out about is Susie Lau who’s a fashion blogger, writer and editor. Her pieces are always beautiful mixing men’s classics such as a blazer and button down shirt and making them more feminine whether it is the print of the blazer or the tailoring and fit.

Who would play you in a movie of your life and why?

Jessie J, I know she isn’t an actress but I think her bubbly, energising and quirky personality and positive outlook on life and her fashion would best represent me.

If you could pick any item to wear from the E&E collection which would it be?

Where do I even begin! There are so many amazing pieces that I’d pick.. I would pick the Mickey Mouse crew neck jumper and all the colours of the Educate & Elevate beanies!

What piece of advice would you give people to educate & elevate in life?

Never ever pay attention to the negativity that people may give you just because of what you wear. I tell myself all the time to ‘treat every day like a dress up party’ and to ignore and remove out of your life those who are narrow minded and judgemental!

Thanks Alyssa!

We seriously love this girl! Such a positive mindset and dope style! Big thank you to Aly for being one of our biggest supporters since day 1! Let us know what you think by leaving your comments after the jump or tweet us @educateelevate


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